Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mini-figs 2.0 Teaser

Improved male & female character models.

The Musketeer

The Assasin

The Alchemist

The Temptress


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Temple construction

Basic wireframe, light map, cleanup & details.
I decided to give my readers an update on one of the pieces for Medallion.

Monday, 6 May 2013

New Scroll-o-Sprites walls and items

I made some progress on the new Scroll-o-Sprites. Most important is that I want to make a clearer distinction between interior and exterior tilepieces. The new interior walls were inspired by the classic zelda, showing sloped walls from a top down perspective. This makes the individual rooms more defined and less cheap looking.

The old wall design.

The new wall design.

Containers and interactive props.
Also, much more interactive objects coming up: Levers, buttons, traps, containers, etc...

More to follow soon.

A short history of Medallion: A game in the making...

Medallion is a 2D Stealth Puzzle game in which you manipulate reality around you to reach otherwise unreachable places. The goal of the game is to safely reach the end of each stage by collecting magic shards and avoiding the guards. The greater story arc is still somewhat in development, because we want to flesh out the gameplay first and foremost!  What follows is a short overview on my part of the development: The look & feel.

The first tiles we needed were forest props: Trees, grass, rocks, etc... I had some trouble drawing trees in a 3/4 perspective. But in the end I was happy with the direction I was going in.

Very default stuff: grass and trees.

I caught myself going back and forth, tweaking the colours, instead of making real progress. I eventually hit the reset button and started over from the basic shapes.

Gameboy meat-puppet in the woods.

Added a splash of colour and dressed up my meat-puppet.

Defined ferns and mushrooms.

Building props: wall-pieces and broken pillars.

Making a dozen mock-ups and tweaks with the tiles I had, I was caught in the same trap again! In the end I ended up with a picture that didn't fit a puzzle game anymore. From a players perspective: I want a clear overview of the map, defind floors and walls , enemies and pick-ups. The game underwent a drastic redesign: The plan is to completely focus on form and contrast, and leave painting the models until last.

Hit that reset button again!

Progression of the 'guard' model.

Yes, I even tried out floating eyeballs: Nope!

Be sure to check back for more in the future.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Vidya Game Food & Drink

Various food items. Every sprite uses only 4 colours, including black.

Knights & Skeleton dudes

I played with some atmospheric light overlay and a vignette. Nothing to intrusive, but still adding that edge to presentation.

Knights of the Golden Circle.

Nightmare sorcerers and frontline troops.

Rapa Nui

My second Reddit r/PixelArt challenge! Using limited space and colours, I created a simple Easter Island scene. Starting with the basic composition and lighting (drawing the view to the centre),  colouring was reserved for last. In the end, I finished this one pretty quick.

Some Islanders are looking over the  valley with statues.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013



I'll start of this blog by uploading an old entry to the Reddit r/PixelArt challenge.