Free! Scroll-o-Sprites

The Scroll-o-Sprites is a free asset library geared toward Roguelike developers.

The scroll contains various cartoony characters, animals, monsters, building props, items, symbols and a complete font. All sprites are designed in the traditional monochrome style, used in many classic Roguelikes. This allows for efficient customisation!
This is the first edition, so suggestions are very welcome!

Technical information:

  • All sprites fit in a 16 x 16px space!
  • The font is monospaced 8 x 16px, including: numerals, uppercase, lowercase, accents and symbols!

The Scroll-o-Sprites

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  1. Hello!
    Would you be interested in paid work? I require 128 16x16 monochrome sprites, half of which are animated for a small low-resolution adventure game.